3111 Tiger Hole Road
Jacksonville, FL, 32216
(904) 760-8222  campburrells@aol.com 



Programs & Activities

Water Activities:

• Swimming
This is a perfect escape from the Florida heat. (45 minutes daily)

• Canoeing

Our campers learn to paddle canoes and ride in small boats powered by trolling motors.


• Fishing
Try your luck at our pond. Whoever catches 'Big George', the largest bass of the summer wins $50 cash and a new rod and reel.

• Inflatable Water Slide
Slip and slide down the lanes as you get soaking wet!



• Archery
Campers learn to safely use a bow and arrow in a safe, controlled environment under the supervision of our counselors.

• Obstacle Course
Who can get the fastest time through the tires and across the ball swing?

• Basketball
Build your teamwork skills in a friendly game of five on five or impress your fellow campers with an epic three pointer.

• Volleyball
Put your skills to the test with a group game of volleyball on our very own camp court.

• Organized Games
Whether indoor or outdoor, organized games are fun interaction and teamwork based.

• Aerobics
Held in the Pavilion, aerobics is energetic and fun.


• Flag Football
Take the ball and your team home to victory on the sports field.

• Field Hockey
Practise your skills playing hockey on our sports field.

• Soccer
With our full-size soccer goals out on the sports field, soccer is the perfect game to keep you on your toes and build your team spirit.

• Classic Court Games
Kids have tons of fun playing hop-scotch, four-square, shuffleboard, and dodgeball.

• Pavilion Play
Our pavilion is the perfect place for outdoor games in the shade from the Florida sun.


Assorted Activities:

 • Arts & Crafts
Campers take part in a wide variety of creative crafts age suitable for each different tribe.

• Music
Singing, dancing, karaoke, freeze-dance, or music crafts--music activities are always great fun.


• Tractor Rides
Hop on board for a spin in the tractor trailer on the back field.

• Scavenger Hunt
Searching high and low, scavenger hunts engage campers in a mission to find, discover, and explore across the grounds.


• Talent Show
Our annual talent show showcases the talent of our campers and counselors, drawing a close to the best summer ever!


• Field Trips
E.ach group particiates in three field trips over the course of the summer. (Trips and dates to be announced..)


Contact us at (904) 760-8222 in Jacksonville, Florida,
for additional details on our thrilling day camp for boys and girls.